Muffin Top Busting Workout!

Apr 4 2017 - 12:06pm

Want to trim the bulging fatty tires of your tummy? With the help of several most effective exercises, you can burn the waistband fat. We really become crazy when we notice that the belly fat isn’t going away even after trying every instant remedy and crash dieting. But, hey! One second, did you ever consider doing the workout focuses on reducing the belly fat?

No matter, what sort of exercises are you doing and what’s the duration of a workout, the selected moves should be performed accurately to yield most of the benefits. The powerful strategy to bust the belly fat just starts with those moves in which multiple muscles are involved at a time. Really, is it possible? Of course! You’ll get to know the variety of exercises just within a few seconds! Keep reading.belly fat

Know the Reality of tummy fat first!

We all should accept this reality that certain fat cells of our body are too stubborn to shed off easily. Tummy fat belongs from the stubborn fat family! Belly fat is extremely resistant to be metabolized, burned, and shed.

Certain ‘resistant’ fat cells accumulate in hip, belly, and thigh. If you’re eating unhealthy food and not following any exercise regimen, the fat accumulation will be geared up. And you would better understand what happens next! Protruded belly, bumpy booty, and saggy thighs are the result of your sedentary lifestyle.

Not only, excessive fat in your body dim your beauty, it also increases the risks of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. More the fat you store within your body, more the blood supply will be compromised. So, you should keep an eye on your weight and start implementing the nifty exercises that have a profound influence in preventing hundreds of diseases.


Your core is very important to keep you more functional and productive. With the help of belly fat sculptors, your torso will be moved in different angles and dimensions that will strengthen your core and make you more flexible.

Combine the below-listed exercises with any of your favorite cardio workouts to melt the muffin top rapidly without any side effects. Within few weeks, you’ll get the tremendous results and would able to slip into your tight jeans without any difficulty!

So leave the laziness and get ready for the super-duper workout!

Important Point

Do each exercise 10 times and repeat this workout thrice in a week! You can increase the repetition according to your tolerance limit.


Double Criss-Cross

This exercise will target your entire lower body, your abs, your thighs, and your busts will be busted by doing few repetitions of double criss-cross.

Get into the supine lying position. Keep your knees to chest and hands behind your head. Extend your left leg, whereas, keep your right knee flexed and turn your left shoulder to right knee. Then, switch the leg and bring it closer to the right elbow. Return to the starting position and keep alternating your feet and arms. Make sure that you’re inhaling and exhaling simultaneously.

Side Bending

To shrink the Love Handles, this exercise will be the best formula! Sit stand with feet apart. Keep your back straight. Keep your neck in neutral position and shoulders relaxed. Your arms should be kept at your sides, just bend to one side and then, switch to another side. More you stretch, more it gets toned!

Back Fly

It’s a tricky exercise focusing almost every part of your body.  Stand comfortably and twist to opposite side by keeping your legs and back straight. Besides with targeting your abs, this workout will also help to get rid of loves handles.

Flutter Kicks

Want to get the combo deal?

Flutter kick is an incredible exercise to strengthen your legs and sculp  the waist. Get into the supine position, extend your knees and close your feet together. Keep your tummy tucked in; just hold it very tightly. Extend your arms out to the sides and don’t over-flex your head. Start moving your extended legs up and down rhythmically and gently. Inhale and Exhale as you move your foot towards the ceiling or the ground.


Leg Circles

Another intense exercise! Copy the starting position of Flutter Kicks but, instead of moving up and down, try to make the imaginary circle from your legs. Yes, it’s difficult and challenging, but, keeps going on! Keep your willpower high!

Russian Twist

To get your waist in shape, Russian Twist can provide definition to the loose and bulgy tummy fat. Get onto the floor and sit in the long sitting position. Bend your knees slightly and lean back a bit. Keep your hands extended in front of you and make a fist. Just maintain the neutral position of the neck and start moving your head from side to side while focusing on your hand’s movement.

Feeling Dizzy? Go and have some sips of water right away!

So, let’s resume!

Dead Bug

Though, each exercise of this workout is effective, but, you’ll enjoy this exercise most as compared to others. Of course, it’s different!

Attain the supine lying and bend your knees to 90 degrees off the floor slightly. Keep your abs tightly in. Extend your elbows forward. Start extending your left knee parallel to flexing your right arm. Switch the side and keep repeating until you complete the prescribed repetition.



This exercise is the ultimate core strengthener! Get into the prone position and attain the pushup position. Flex your elbows and keep your fingers apart. Don’t hunch your back too much. Keep your knees straight with feet apart. Just maintain a straight-line position so that you can feel the pull of gravity and increase your endurance level. Just maintain the position up to 10- 15 seconds and relax!

Bravo! You did it!

Believe in yourself. If you can set the goals, you can surely achieve them. While following this workout, make sure that you’re eating the balanced and healthy diet to get the boost of natural nutrition, aiding in stomach fat elimination.


Dr. Azka Zaheer is a certified and professional Doctor of Physical Therapist. She has been a speaker at various awareness seminars and attended the Neurology courses along with First Aid Training. She believes in fat to fab transformations through obtaining the healthy lifestyle and kicking the obesity out of everyone’s life. She is a true fitness lover and weight loss expert. Her goal is to promote health and wellness at the optimal level to strengthen the community and make them more productive and slimmer.

  • nadalllina

    I’ve struggled with belly fat even when I was at my goal weight. These exercises look interesting, some of them I’ve already tried, but they were too hard. Like leg circles, for example. I guess I should be more persistent and not give up so easily.