7 Arm Exercises Guaranteed To Make Your Arms Sculpted And Toned!

Mar 21 2017 - 11:50am

Do you want to get rid of saggy and flabby arms?  Everyone wishes to get the toned and sculpted arms with just simple, yet, nifty tricks. No matter, rather you’re going to gym regularly or trying the home remedies to shed extra pounds, you should follow the right direction to accomplish your goals.

Are you thinking that toning arms would need dumbbells? No!!! You don’t need any sort of gadget initially to shed the fatty layers of arms. All you need is consistency, hardworking and patience to get the expected accomplishments. Don’t forget to check your diet as well! Somehow, your scrappy diet could leave a negative impact on your goal.

7 Arm Exercises Guaranteed To Make Your Arms Sculpted & Toned - Healthyrecommendation.com

Point To Be Noted!

Carefully do all the exercises and make sure that you’re performing each exercise accurately and rhythmically in a controlled manner. Start with the ten repetitions each exercise and repeat this workout three times in a week.

Are you curious to know the effective exercises? Keep your fingers crossed and let’s begin!

  1. Push ups

Undoubtedly, pushups are the king of all exercises. Do you know why? Because it targets all the major muscles of your body, including pectoralis, biceps, and triceps, this exercise is ideal to begin your arm workout.

Get into the prone lying position with hands in front of you, shoulders-width apart. Inhale slowly and hold on your abdominals tightly. Keep your toes apart and don’t bend your knees. Maintain the straight line of your body. Come close to the ground and inhale deeply, then, come into the starting position again.

  1. Plank ups

Another mind-blowing exercise to fire the muscles of your entire body! But a little bit modification in this exercise is to maintain the full planks and then come into the half planks.   

  1. Triceps Dips

Burning the extra-fat from triceps isn’t easier task, but, don’t get worried! Triceps Dips works best for reducing the fat of back of your arms.

Keep the chair behind you and sit (squat) in front of the chair. Come in the squat position and keep your arms on your back (chair or step). Keep your knees flexed to 90 degrees and then, straight your arms and lift off from the ground. Then come back to starting position again, but make sure that you shouldn’t touch your lower back onto the ground.

  1. Arm Circles

Your shoulder rotators will be burnt with the help of arm circles. Just sit in a comfortable chair. Extend your hands out to the sides. And then start drawing circles from your fingers. Do the arm circles in clockwise first and then, do this exercise in anticlockwise direction.

  1. Reclined rhomboid squeezes

Not only, reclined rhomboid squeezer helps in toning your upper back, yet, it would also be helpful in strengthening your core, depending as far you lean back.

Get into the long sitting position, lean back a bit and flex your knees up to 45 degrees. Horizontally abduct your arms to shoulder level with elbows extended in front of you. Then, pull your elbows backwards by flexing in 90 degree.

  1. Hand Scissors

It’s an exceptional exercise to exhausts your upper back muscles!!! This exercise is similar to scissor, i.e. opening and closing simultaneously. You’ll enjoy doing this and can even try this now!!


Let’s begin!

Sit comfortably on a chair and keep your knees at 90 degrees flexed with back supported. Keep your hands in front of you and then, start criss-cross movement.

  1. Arm Flapping

Do you observe how birds flap their wings while flying? You’ll do exactly the same!!!

Stay seated and then extends your arms in your sides. Start slowly flapping your arms in small amplitude. As you progress, increase the amplitude and speed of flapping. While doing this exercise, imagine that you’re flying.

7 Arm Exercises Guaranteed To Make Your Arms Sculpted & Toned - Healthyrecommendation.com
So, practice the arm exercises in your daily routine for strengthening and shaping your arms. Good luck!



Dr. Azka Zaheer is a certified and professional Doctor of Physical Therapist. She has been a speaker at various awareness seminars and attended the Neurology courses along with First Aid Training. She believes in fat to fab transformations through obtaining the healthy lifestyle and kicking the obesity out of everyone’s life. She is a true fitness lover and weight loss expert. Her goal is to promote health and wellness at the optimal level to strengthen the community and make them more productive and slimmer.

  • I have added a few pounds to my butt, tummy, and arms. I am enjoying the added weight to my posterior, but my arms have gotten big and I hate it. From the sides when I’m taking photos, it looks disgusting and malformed! I really need to get rid of them. My husband says I should try exercising, but I do believe I have to do more… My diet is crappy at the moment, so I will definitely have to change it. I’ve always thought that I needed gadgets to help sculpt my arms, but after reading your article, I now have a different perspective. Will definitely be giving the hand scissors a try. Thank you so much.

  • cher 🍒

    I work graveyard shifts and going to the gym is such a challenge for me because I’d rather sleep when I go home from work. These tips are so easy and can be done almost anywhere!