Surprising Ways Your Smartphone Affects Your Beauty

Apr 6 2017 - 11:39am

We all reach for our cell phones as soon as we open our eyes in the morning. We also do it countless times during the day and probably before we go to bed. Nothing can break this bond, not even the fact that it affects our beauty, but we can at least try to neutralize the consequences of our digital love.

Internet neck

Whether you’re scrolling down the news feed on Instagram or Facebook, or you’re checking your email, the skin on your neck is suffering immensely while you enjoy. Try holding your phone high at eye level, because if you don’t, you’ll get deep horizontal wrinkles on your precious neck. Consider buying some skin cream with peptides, which will stimulate the production of collagen and prevent or delay the creation of the notorious and unwanted wrinkles.

INTERnet neck

Smart wrinkles

If you frequently use your smartphone in the dark, you’ll probably start noticing new wrinkles earlier than expected. That’s because your eyes make an extra effort and eye muscles work harder to compensate for the lack of light. The effect is similar to going to the beach without wearing sunglasses. If you have already started noticing the little wrinkles around your eyes, try using Retinol based creams, as well as the hyaluronic based ones. The most important step is – stop reading in the dark.

Phone acne

Did you know that you can get acne from your smartphone screen? These are often very greasy and dirty and full of nasty bacteria that love greasy surfaces. Acne can be very annoying, but at least you can stop some of them from appearing. One of the solutions for this problem is using headphones or a speaker phone, and of course, cleaning your phone with antibacterial wipes regularly. As far as your face is concerned, you can use salicyl acid based cleanser, or do a peeling with a peeling brush.

Selfie damage

I bet that you’ll be surprised to know that even making selfies can damage your skin. Dermatologists claim that they can even tell in which hand you’re holding your phone when taking selfies because the damage is more visible on that side of the face. They say that the electromagnetic radiation from our beloved phones causes irreparable skin damage. There is no protection from that, not even the sunscreens because it’s a different type of radiation. So, next time you think of making a bunch of selfies, think twice. Just skip doing that sometimes and your face will be grateful and you’ll look young longer.

selfie skin

Phone allergies

You may be allergic to your phone and the worst of all is that you had no idea this could be possible. Some phones can contain chromium and nickel in their casings, so if you’re having skin rashes, consider a visit to an allergologist. You may have contact dermatitis caused by your favorite gadget. If that’s the case, try getting a new phone, or if you’re specially attached to your smartphone, buy a plastic casing and a protective screen to avoid contact.

Nada Stojilkovic has a degree on Greek and English philology and years of experience working as a teacher. She is also a freelance writer currently working on her first book. When she’s not holding her laptop, or grading tests, you can see her reading books. Through her love for the written word, she lives multiple lives at the same time.