Can Meditation Help In Losing Weight?

Apr 3 2017 - 12:34pm

We all are surrounded with the potential stressors, regardless it is in the form of work, relationships, health etc. sometimes you may do your job properly, but still your boss isn’t saying a few words in appreciation. When you return with this bad mood, if you would see the disorganized and messed up home, you’ll be angry and agitated in a meanwhile. Your nerves literally need to be calmed down so that you can focus on your healthy lifestyle.


While deciding to reduce the extra inches, we all focuses on calories and exercises, but what about emotions that can be hit any time, any place? Recent studies suggested that along with keeping the track of diet and exercises, managing emotions should also be the part of every person who is trying to lose weight. Many of us won’t have an idea that how badly stress triggers the hunger pangs. And if stress continues, monitoring what we eat and which workout should be done will be less considering tasks of our lives.

We eat just to de-stress our confused mind or even relax our tensed nerves. Whenever we’re upset or become extremely bored, we eat and eat without thinking about consequences. This leads to the binge eating and you start thinking about weight loss and mistakes when your weight is uncontrollably increasing.

You really need the tool that can help you whenever the binge-eating or stress hits you. Meditation is the powerful technique that is packed with a myriad of benefits, leaving a good impact on your overall health. How could be the meditation helpful in losing weight? Let’s check out its astonishing benefits that no one will tell you!


1. Meditation is linked to the reduction of impulsiveness in your brain.
2. Meditation promotes the psychological well-being, which is a key to the successful weight loss.
3. Meditation helps in what taking and enjoying the pleasure of food. So, regular practice of meditation will help you to say NO to unhealthy foods without being guilty.
4. Meditation aids in living, enjoying the present moment as it is evidently proved in an American study in 2015 that those who lives in present have lesser abdominal fat and less likely to become overweight.
5. Meditation has a direct link to shed inches because by regular practicing of the meditation, you would be more focused and attentive to what are you eating and in which quantity.
6. Meditation helps in setting up the coping strategies instead of binge-eating or over-eating.
7. Meditation reduces the cortisol stimulation and release. Thus, it helps in controlling the anxiety and stress.

What is the Method of Meditation?
Super-excited to implement?

Meditation can be conducted in a variety of ways, but, the simplest one is sit in a cross-legged position on the ground. Select the peaceful room. Make sure that no noise and no disturbance should be around you. Keep your back straight. Keep your hands on your knees or sides. Close your eyes and start deep breathing. Stay focused on your breaths and de-clutters your mind. Take 10 to 15 breaths in one meditation session.
Before opening your eyes, Think about how fabulous you will look after becoming slim, how can you say goodbye to unhealthy cravings and hunger attacks, and how will you make the exercises most effective. Just think about the positive things that you’re doing and you can do!

The results would be mind-blowing if you keep practicing the meditation regularly!

Dr. Azka Zaheer is a certified and professional Doctor of Physical Therapist. She has been a speaker at various awareness seminars and attended the Neurology courses along with First Aid Training. She believes in fat to fab transformations through obtaining the healthy lifestyle and kicking the obesity out of everyone’s life. She is a true fitness lover and weight loss expert. Her goal is to promote health and wellness at the optimal level to strengthen the community and make them more productive and slimmer.

  • This is interesting. I’ve never thought about losing weight by meditating. I always thought that losing weight entails vigorous action, but now this is making me think twice.

  • nadalllina

    I’ve noticed that no matter how much effort and how many days I’ve put into trying to eat clean, when things get messy and I become nervous, I go straight to the fridge. I forget everything and comfort myself with food. It never occurred to me that I should try meditating instead. Why not do it, it can only benefit me, maybe I’ll stay on the track next time I commit myself to clean eating.