Easy Pre and Post Workout Meals

Apr 26 2017 - 8:00am

As much as it can be beneficial to your health, a workout can put your body under a lot of stress. Make sure that you fuel it with the right food, so your muscles can heal faster. If you lack the ideas, or don’t even know what food is good for pre and post workout meals, here are some suggestions.

Pre workout food – a mighty fuel for your machine

You probably already know that 70% of success when working out depends on what you eat. The same food does not benefit you equally if eaten before or after a workout. There are two essential rules that count when it comes to pre-workout meal; you should eat between one and two hours before your training, depending on the speed of your metabolism. Eat food with low glycemic index; it will burn slower and keep you energized during the whole workout. This meal should be a combination of proteins and carbs. The proteins should come from red and white meat, eggs, and cheese. Take your carbs from oats, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and bread, as well as potatoes. Here are some of the meals that will give you the much-needed nutrients and are easy to prepare.

healthy recommendation pre and post workout foods

Oatmeal high in proteins

It’s a classic, but it’s earned its place because it’s fast and practical, but ultra beneficial. You can just go with good old plain oatmeal with oats and milk, but you can add some eggs, banana, flax seeds and spices like cinnamon. Just mix all the ingredients in a pot and cook while stirring for about 5 minutes.

Peanut butter sandwich

Take a slice of a whole wheat bread, toast it if you like, add peanut butter and put some seeds on top of it. You can use chia seeds or flax seeds and for an extra layer consider a banana or avocado. It’s a good and quick snack if you’re rushing to the gym after work and have no time to prepare complex meals.

Chicken with grilled veggies

Plan ahead and cook some more meat for lunch, so you can use it later for a snack. Combine some of it with cooked or roasted green beans or sweet potatoes and you’ll be fuelled for your workout in no time.

chicken veggies - healthy recommendation pre and post workout foods

Post workout food – regeneration

The first rule of post workout eating is to take your meal 30 to 60 minutes after training. It’s important that you give your body back the nutrients it’s lost during the workout. This meal should be a combination of proteins, healthy fats, carbs and starch. Be careful not to take in more calories than you spent if your goal is to lose weight. Some of the most popular post workout meals are also the easiest to prepare.

A smoothie

Any smoothie made with fruit that has a high glycemic index is good. Mix some pears and apples, or cherries and blueberries with milk and yogurt, even water and voila! You can add dates and raisins to boost your energy.

omelette sandwich - healthy recommendation pre and post workout foods

Omelette sandwich

There’s a reason eggs are one of the most popular choices for a post workout meal. They’re rich in proteins, zinc and vitamin B12. Put it in a whole wheat bun, add some cheese and green salad and you’ll feel recovered in no time.

Smoked salmon salad

Mix some avocado and iceberg salad with sesame and sunflower seeds and add slices of smoked salmon. Season it with olive oil and lemon, and you’re good to go.

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