Why Are You Not Losing Extra Kilos? Know The Surprising Reasons That No One Will Tell You!

Mar 22 2017 - 9:01am

You’re really trying very hard to be slimmer. You’ve joined the gym and following all the crash diets you know, but, still, whenever you stand on the weight machine, the results are same as previous.  This leads to the severe disappointment and demotivation. And you abandon all the regimens.  You start binge eating on the unhealthy foods and not follow any exercise program.

Instead of abandoning your fitness routine, try to figure out the major causes leading to not losing weight. Just sit on a couch and relax first! Then, start thinking about your mistakes! Ask the following questions to yourselves and surely, you’ll know the hidden reason!

  1. Are you really eating a healthy food?

Apparently, it sounds good to starve the entire day or even take calories less than 1200kcal per day. But, the reality is, this is not a smart idea. What comes in your mind with the name of dieting? Does it starving or eating only veggies?

healthy food

Well, dieting means to maintain the balance in your nutrients by consuming the healthy, organic foods. You may buy many products labeled with ‘low fat’ or ‘low-calories’ tag. Instead of buying such products, try to make the food at home with less fat and high in essential minerals. Even, you shouldn’t purchase the canned foods or juices while following the clean-eating or any diet plan. Prefer natural products and get the immense benefits!

  1. Are you battling with stress too much nowadays?

Stress has a strong relationship with obesity and weight-loss plateau. You may not even bother that how significantly the stress can alter your metabolism. As a result, you stop reducing weight.

According to the author of ‘Why you can’t Lose Weight’, Pamela Wartin Smith, MD ‘Cortisol, the stress hormone, regulates the fight or flight response in your body and this response stimulates your appetite level. Also, Cortisol releases several brain chemicals linked to the increased carbohydrates cravings’.  That’s how you start binge eating more and more without even realizing the serious consequences. So, check out your stress level as well!

  1. Are you consuming enough water?

Dehydration can cause barrier in the weight reduction. If you’re less hydrated, your metabolism will be slower and this lead to driving towards the weight loss plateau.

Majority of researches revealed that adequate water consumption could aid in weight loss. So, Drink 2 to 3 liters water daily.

detox water

Every fitness nut loves detox-water nowadays. Did you try detox-water? Not yet? Just give it a try and get additional benefits along with weight loss!

  1. Are you getting enough sleep at night?

Sleep has a detrimental role in keeping our bodily functions on correct path. If you’re getting too little sleep, then, you couldn’t stay focused on your diet and fitness plans.

A recent study has been published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that women slept less than four hours consumed 300 calories more and 21 grams of fat more in the next day. So, improve the quality and quantity of slumber to achieve your weight loss goals.

  1. Are you setting the realistic goals?

Read this question one more time and think again!

I think you got your answer!

weight loss

Expecting the desired results in less time frame would surely give you disappointment. Just remember! There is no magic, no instant remedy, turning you slimmer overnight. You should set the approachable and realistic goals to get the outcomes. Most importantly, keep your patience high enough instead of discontinuing your healthy measures. Be consistent, be patient and get the profound consequences!

So, you got the clue of why not losing weight. Now, it’s up to you that how wisely you’re leading the track.      

Dr. Azka Zaheer is a certified and professional Doctor of Physical Therapist. She has been a speaker at various awareness seminars and attended the Neurology courses along with First Aid Training. She believes in fat to fab transformations through obtaining the healthy lifestyle and kicking the obesity out of everyone’s life. She is a true fitness lover and weight loss expert. Her goal is to promote health and wellness at the optimal level to strengthen the community and make them more productive and slimmer.

  • Nina Ivanovic

    No. 4 – so true! I always find myself craving sweets when I don’t get enough sleep.

  • Nada Stojilković

    Me too, whenever my children wake me up during the night, or early in the morning, I end up eating marmelade if nothing else is available. 🙂 Also, increasing the number of calories intake is my biggest fear. Even when an expert tells me to, I’m just afraid that I’ll start gaining weight If I do so.

    • Nina Ivanovic

      Those night/half-asleep snacks are the worst, when you don’t have anything else available or don’t feel like preparing anything so you just go for anything that’s around 😀

  • cher 🍒

    2 – 3 liters of water daily? Ohmy, I don’t even consume a liter in a day!

    • Nina Ivanovic

      I’m never thirsty either! I simply forget to drink water so I keep a big bottle on my desk and keep refilling. Also, there are apps that remind you to drink water, but I found them annoying…