How to be Skinny

Mar 16 2017 - 12:08pm

To be skinny is something that many people wish to be, yet somehow losing weight and achieving that target weight is ever elusive. If this sounds familiar to you, read on as we explore the art of how to be skinny. There is no need to follow a diet that drives you mad from starvation. With a few simple lifestyle adjustment you will not only know how to be skinny but be able to maintain your new sexy figure. Before we go any further let me just make something clear. By skinny we don’t mean a starving stick figure that is little more than skin and bone. We are talking about a radiant and healthy lean figure. Forget about those twiggy, tall, airbrushed runway figures… trying to live up to the media monster’s idea of skinny is enough to drive anyone nuts. Learn how to be skinny the sensible way with realistic expectations.
How to be Skinny - Weight Loss Tips | Healthy Recommendation
The first step to being skinny does not involve any elaborate diet or exercise regime. The first step to being skinny starts in your mind and your approach, essentially a change in your thinking. Maintaining a healthy lean body is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. Start by having a clear image in your mind of what your body will look like and how fantastic it would feel to be skinny. It is a good idea to get a picture of a body you find pleasing and put it up somewhere that you will see it everyday. The bathroom mirror is a great spot.
How to be Skinny - Weight Loss Tips | Healthy Recommendation
In this way you will be reminded of your goal and stay motivated. Start by making small changes to your lifestyle on a daily basis. It takes about three weeks to form a new habit. By cultivating one new healthy habit each week, you won’t be overwhelmed and a new routine will develop organically. Here are a few ideas for healthy habits you can develop to achieve your goal of being skinny. – Replace all your drinks with water. If you feel the need to drink something sweet make some homemade ice tea and add honey instead of sugar. – Drink a glass of water before you eat anything – If you feel peckish or a craving coming on, eat a big carrot. Carrots take a long time to chew and by the time your done with all that chewing you won’t even remember you had a craving. – Do more walking. Walk up stairs instead of taking a lift or escalator. Start with 5 mins and increase your walk time by a minute each day. You will be in shape before you know it. – Eat from a smaller plate – Eat mindfully.
How to be Skinny - Weight Loss Tips | Healthy Recommendation
At anytime that you want to eat, sit down. Make your eating space beautiful and somewhat ceremonial. Breathe, get present and take a moment to appreciate and be grateful for your food. – Chew your food well and maintain a good posture while you chew. By incrementally implementing these simple changes you will be skinny before you know it. It won’t happen over night, but with diligence you will be one step closer to your ideal skinny figure every day. If you falter and indulge a craving, don’t panic. Just breathe, remind yourself of your goal and continue to develop your new healthy ways. Always keep your goal in mind. Surround yourself with people who will respect your new life choice and support you in the process. How to be skinny is simple if you think you can. Believe your skinny to achieve your skinny. You can do it!

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  • Nada Stojilković

    I’ve been trying to be skinny my whole life and I’ve managed to do that a couple of times, but I haven’t yet succeeded to maintain the desired weight. It’s true that the most important thing is your mindset, but mine flips whenever I reach the desired look and I get back to my old habits. There is some great advice here, like the one with breathing and respecting the food, I’ll try to keep that in mind when I see myself eating like there’s no tomorrow. 🙂

    • The struggle is real. From someone who’s coming from 115 lbs, I can relate. I desperately need to go back to that weight because I hate meeting up on old acquaintances and the first thing that comes from their mouth is, “You’re fat”. I really hate that so I will definitely be looking into this one.

  • cher 🍒

    I have been blessed with a fast metabolism so being skinny has never been a problem for me. I do know friends who have struggled, and have been stuggling to lose weight. And the most common observation i have is that they wanna achieve the results fast and get frustrated and stop when they don’t. I would definitely share this article with them in the hope it sheds some light.