Change Those 5 Bad Habits Giving You A Belly Fat!

Mar 31 2017 - 12:06pm

We all have good and bad habits, but did you know that certain habits gear up the excessive fat deposition? We hate the protruded belly and take every home remedy for burning the belly fat very seriously. But, do you really think that it’ll work even by continuing bad habits?

You’re a smart person and you could imagine how drastically it can affect your weight loss process. You surely want to say goodbye to the bulging belly fat and wishes to get a more beautiful and sexier body.

Just kick the following bad habits out of your life to get the flatter and slimmer stomach. Needless to say, you should keep a track on your diet and exercise routine.

Overloading your plate

Remember! Healthier you eat, gorgeous you’ll look. Burdening your plate with whatever present on the dining table isn’t a good approach. Initially, fill your plate with the healthiest food available in the menu. Then, try other food dishes but keep the portion size smaller!

Weight loss tricks-5 habits giving you belly fat|Healthyrecommendation

Stop eating too rapidly

Another bad habit is we don’t practice the mindful eating. Before beginning your meal, think for a second that why are you eating the food, rather, to gain weight or lose weight. Mindful eating is the best way to control our hunger and cravings, especially, it works excellent for the binge eaters. In this practice, you should be attentive to the aroma, flavors, texture and smell of the food. Don’t forget to chew food 15 times. Though, you may find it difficult in beginning, but, you won’t overeat at all.

Deprivation of sleep

Your bio-clock has a prominent role on your metabolism and eating habits. Compromising sleep means compromising overall health. Because lack of sleep favors in the increased production of cortisol, it’ll directly elevate the sugary cravings. So, you’ll eat too many calories that you shouldn’t be.

By taking the 6-7 hours sleep at night, your belly fat will not only be controlled, yet, it’ll release the leptin, controlling the appetite level.

Weight loss tricks-5 habits giving you belly fat |Healthyrecommendation

Taking bites from kid’s snacks

Almost every mom eats the kid’s snacks while helping their little ones to do homework. You may not even bother the munching habit, but, unfortunately, it has a profound influence. To fix this habit, keep yourself away from the kid’s snacks so that you can stay on track. Also, try to eliminate the junk or fatty foods from your kid’s snacks list as well and add fruits or homemade low-fat food in their diet.

Eating while watching TV

Watching the thriller movie without the big pack of chips and the sugary drink is nearly impossible for most of us. Here we’re dragged from our mission and would keep repeating this habit day by day. That’s how you gain weight and pack your abdomen with more fatty layers. Instead of munching on unhealthy food, have a bowl of mixed dry fruits or roasted chickpeas.

Weight loss tricks-5 habits giving you belly fat|Healthyrecommendation

So, let’s be honest and sincere to the enormous efforts we’re investing in losing weight and shedding the fat from abdomen. Tell us about which habit you practice and what healthy solution did you find!

Dr. Azka Zaheer is a certified and professional Doctor of Physical Therapist. She has been a speaker at various awareness seminars and attended the Neurology courses along with First Aid Training. She believes in fat to fab transformations through obtaining the healthy lifestyle and kicking the obesity out of everyone’s life. She is a true fitness lover and weight loss expert. Her goal is to promote health and wellness at the optimal level to strengthen the community and make them more productive and slimmer.