About Us

We are totally positive that the world would be so much a better place if each one of us spent just 30 minutes taking care of themselves. Like really taking care of yourself.

Because here is what 99.9% of us want:

We believe passionately in lively living. We love great food, exotic drinks, and hell, yeah, the freewill to batter whatever we want, whenever we want it, and with whoever we want. We want to live on our own terms because that’s how life should be.

We believe you shouldn’t be anxious deciding between that, and a tummy so trimmed you’d bounce a tennis ball off of it.

And here is where we are:

1 in 11 among us across the globe is diagnosed with Diabetes. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), U.K National Health Service (NHS), and U.S based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the last 10 years have seen a triple effect in terms of newly diagnosed cases of preventable diseases and conditions. For diabetes, just as an example, about 90% of the time, it’s type 2 diabetes–which a workout a day could easily keep away.

Clearly, building a vigorous, full of life existence has been a true exercise of willpower.
The good news is: We don’t have to live life in constant fear, pressure, and having to let our willpower go.

So here is some good news:

You’ve got the goods to rock that body now, which is why we are Healthy Recommendation.

We Care

We are thrilled to learn about you and grow and strengthen something together. Inspiring and engaging people everywhere is our No.1 goal. We care that you will:

  • Gain elevated lifestyle experiences.
  • Live your Life freely.
  • Make your best life happen.
  • Spread the healthy message with love

We couldn’t ask for anything better.

We are HR, and full of life

Here at Health Recommendation, healthy turns us on. Creativity makes us happy. And our bodies inspire us. We welcome you to a community of healthy-licious buds to explore the well-known: healthy lives longer, happier and inspired. It should be the way of life.

Community. Connection

Welcome to the family. Join in to learn, yearn and earn your best lifestyle now. We welcome you to a positive group of others like you who choose to live on their own terms. We get you the goods to help you decide your path and you make the decisions that fit your definition of Best Me. All within a supportive, authentic and balsy community.

Real. Transformative. Inspired

We won’t make a promise we can’t keep.

Rest assured the health facts and recommendations we give here are carefully curated and triple-distilled to ensure you get only the purest.

At HR, we love an adventure. If you choose this path, know that you’ll never walk alone. It’s a movement. We are dedicated for the long-term as well because life should be long and enjoyable. No misleading claims. No impractical tips. Only the verified, detailed information so you can decide on your next step.

Everyone lives only once. Anyone can choose to live on their feet, or on their knees. Our motto is to collaborate with you and help you live at your ease.

Who we are:

We run an organization called Healthy Living Promotion. We are based in Georgia, and we run an online magazine- Healthy Recommendation.
Our content is produced by different professionals.
All of our articles are carefully reviewed before publication to make sure that the points are solid and valid.
Feel free to share trend-setting tips/stories with Healthy Recommendations at publish@healthyrecommendation.com and influence someone’s life today. After reviewing your story/tips, we will happily publish it.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide fresh and analytical information to our readers and promote a healthy living lifestyle.


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Tbilisi, Georgia
LTD Healthy Living Promotion
Contact mail: info@healthyrecommendation.com